Catalyzing the MedTech ecosystem in India

A collaborative platform that enables stakeholders to work together to make technologically advanced healthcare solutions accessible, affordable and beneficial to as many people as possible.

Our portfolio

MedTechConnect aims to bolster medical technology companies with structured and hands-on mentoring and support to connect with our ecosystem. We are looking for affordable and disruptive healthcare technologies leading to early detection and diagnosis and are addressing the healthcare needs of underserved.

MIRCaM by Cardiac Design Labs Bangalore, India 12 lead wearable ambulatory ECG monitoring device, indicated to detect 48 cardiac conditions

Pupil+ by LVPEI Hyderabad, India Portable eye screening device for screening pupil-related disorders resulting from early stages of glaucoma, brain injury and neurological disorders

Cerebo by Bioscan Research Ahmedabad, India Portable, handheld and non-invasive brain injury screening device to detect intracranial bleeding which might go undiagnosed

NemoRaksha by Nemocare Hyderabad, India A wearable device to monitor vitals, hypothermia and other distress conditions in newborns

iBreastExam by UE Lifesciences USA & India A portable non-invasive breast cancer screening device

Aina by Jana Care USA & India A smartphone-based diagnostic and management platform for diabetes, haemoglobin and lipid profile

Our ecosystem

We bring together stakeholders with strengths in innovation, manufacturing and commercialisation of medical technologies across private, government and develop creative models for healthcare delivery.